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Why are White Spaces so Important in Website Design?

By Stephanie | September 30, 2022

White space is an important part of visual design that has been around for ages. But what are white spaces? Why are they so important when comes to website design?

4 Leadership Tips to Learn from Starbucks

By Reed Tan | September 21, 2022

Key leadership principles summarized from best selling book, “It’s Not About The Coffee”, written by Howard Behar, former president of Starbucks Coffee Company International.

What Makes a Beautiful Website Design?

By Reed Tan | September 19, 2022

If you are looking for website design services, here are some guidelines that help you to understand what makes a beautiful website design.

5 Ways You Can Secure Your Website

By Stephanie | September 8, 2022

Website security is something we usually neglect until we actually encounter a breach. Here are 5 ways to ensure the safety of your site.

How to Dominate in Sales: We Interviewed 50 High Achievers

By Reed Tan | September 6, 2022

We interviewed 50 high sales achievers from various industries to share tips on how you can dominate in sales.

How to Create a Consistent Branding for Your Website Design

By Stephanie | August 28, 2022

Branding is about creating a consistent identity for your website design. Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, every aspect of your business needs to reflect the same experience.

8 Things to Consider When Planning for Website Redesign

By Stephanie | August 10, 2022

A successful website design is not just about making your website pretty. Here are 8 things you should consider before you look for a website design agency.

How Color Psychology Affects Your Branding

By Reed Tan | April 11, 2022

Colors is more than just aesthetics in website design. Embracing color psychology helps you to shape your branding by evoking emotions and influence human behaviors.

What are the Differences Between User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)?

By Reed Tan | March 9, 2022

Having a well designed user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) is essential for a beautiful website design. However, what are the differences between them?

Why Does Ikea Sell Food in their Stores?

By Reed Tan | March 4, 2022

Do you know Ikea sells more than 1 billion Swedish meatballs globally each year? Ikea’s founder, Ingvar Kamprad, believed customers should not go hungry. He believed if people are hungry while shopping, they will most likely get distracted by hunger and focus less on shopping.