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September 6, 2022

How to Dominate in Sales: We Interviewed 50 High Achievers

How to Dominate in Sales Featured

We interviewed 50 high sales achievers from various industries to share tips on how you can dominate in sales.

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Reed Tan

Chief Strategist



Marketing is just like sales.

The mediums where we do sales and marketing may change with time, but fundamentals do not change.

We interviewed 50 high sales leaders from various industries such as real estate, investment and consultancy services so you can get a sneak peek into their successes and learn how you can dominate in sales.

3 Key Takeaways

  1. Asserting Power Dynamics
  2. The Scent of Desperation
  3. Sell but Not Oversell

1. Asserting Power Dynamics

The first consistent tip that most of these high achievers shared is to recognize that customers are NOT kings.

It is extremely unhealthy and toxic to work with customers who believe they have every right in the relationship.

Your time is as valuable, if not more valuable than that of your customers.

That is why it is important to assert power dynamics prior the meeting. For instance, let your customers accommodate their time with you instead of accommodating to their time.

In the case of marketing, it is important to set the stage and brand ourselves prior to marketing our products and services. For instance, having a great website design helps to set the first impression well.

2. The Scent of Desperation

Another great tip we learnt from our interviews is that you should never leak any scent of desperation.

Customers are like sharks.

Once they smell the scent of desperation, you will lose the position of power in the relationship.

Either they hound you down for discounts or they will threaten to move on to another service provider until their demands are met.

That’s why it is important to make sure you have sufficient quality leads, so you have the necessary chips to risk losing bad deals. By letting your customers aware that you are comfortable to leave the table anytime, you balance the power dynamics within the relationship, and if they miss the deal, they will be on the losing end instead.

3. Sell but Not Oversell

There is a common saying among seasoned sales leaders, “Never sell yourself out of a deal.”

People love to buy but hate to be sold.

When you throw everything at your customers, not only it is going to be overwhelming, confusing and distracting, it frustrates them as you are bluntly telling them that you are just here to sell.

Moreover, overselling offsets your power dynamics within the relationship, depreciating the overall value you are trying to deliver.

It is also important to note, not to be too reactive to everything your customers say as they are trying to break you down in a stressful environment to assert power.

It All Comes Back to Needs

All in all, what is most important is recognizing the individual needs and creating desire in consumers.

What is valuable to us may not be valuable to your customers. Just like a doctor, it is important for sales leaders to rectify customer’s pain points while maintaining a position of power during the negotiation.

Do you know any other techniques that help you to dominate in sales? Share with us in the comment sections below.



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