Authenticity and Storytelling are What that Make Brands Resonate

The hardest thing to get right when connecting with consumers is authenticity. Brands often try too hard in telling consumers what they want to be rather than being true about who they are as a brand. Find out how you can rebrand your business successfully.

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The Man, the Myth, the Digital Marketing Consultant

Reed Tan, one of the leading digital marketing consultants in Singapore, was featured on Strait Times for his business in 2013. He believes only a marketeer who has spent his own cold hard cash in his business, will truly be able to truly understand what his clients are looking for.

He is a great advocate of ROAS marketing which is the main reason why he often emphasizes the importance of marketing analytics to justify results.

Why Cost Per Lead is an Useless Statistic for Businesses

Many business owners prefer a lower cost per lead so they can generate as many leads as possible based on their limited budget. After all, more leads equal to more sales, right? Not necessary.

Content is
Where Search Begins

Using content to drive searches is still one of the better and efficient ways to establish a great online presence and drive business leads. Consumers today appreciate relevant information to help them in their decision making. We need to deliver value through content to them before bringing our products and services into the picture.

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There are more than 228 million searches per hour, and 5.6 billion searches per day on Google. Imagine having the power to drive demand based audience to your website via Google.


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