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September 30, 2022

Why are White Spaces Important for Website Design in Singapore?


White space is an important component of visual design. But what are they? Why are they important for website design especially in Singapore?

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Have you ever wondered why Apple retail stores in Singapore have wide spacious layouts?

These spacious layouts are specifically designed to highlight and showcase their products effectively. It also creates a comforting and inviting ambience where shoppers feel welcome to explore and shop freely.

Such spaces are known as white spaces.

White space is an important component of visual design. But what are they? Why are they important for website design especially in Singapore?

What are White Spaces in Website Design?

White spaces aren’t necessarily white.

Also known as ‘negative spaces’, white spaces are empty spaces around elements within the container.

In the context of web design, these empty spaces can be line spacing, letter spacing, margins and padding.

In short, anything that creates space within your website is known as white space.

What are the Purpose of White Spaces in Website Design?

Just like a piece of drawing, every design starts with a blank sheet of drawing board.

When we design a website, we start by creating an empty page, adding elements piece by piece such as headlines, body text, buttons, images and videos.

However, as much as we want to fill up the entire page with content, it will create a poor user interface that may be too cluttered for them to digest.

In fact, we realized most of our clients who contacted us to revamp their website design in Singapore had cluttered UI interface with little white spaces.

Having white spaces in your website allow your content to breathe.

Importance of White Spaces for Website Designs in Singapore

A recent research in Singapore has shown that websites with more white spaces tend to have lower bounce rates, higher user engagement, and increased user time spent.

That is why white space design are considered one of the top ranking factors for successful website designs. They help to make the website more organized, aesthetically pleasing, and easier to navigate.

Here are some of the benefits why white spaces are essential for website design in Singapore.

Benefits of White Spaces for Website Design in Singapore

  1. Digestible Content
  2. Designed User Attention
  3. Elevated Branding

1. Digestible Content

With the influx of overwhelming content online today, users have short attention span. That is why it is vital to make sure your content is being organized in a way that users find it easy to read.

White spaces can help to improve readability by making the content more digestible and easier to read on the website.

With a clean UI experience, users will find it easier to search the information they needed on your website. If they take too long to find the answers they need, they will most probably abandon the page and search another alternative website, leading to an increased bounce rate.

2. Designed User Attention

White spaces help to guide users by giving them something to focus on.

By creating a visual hierarchy with white spaces, it helps to create a sense of importance and draw users’ attention to specific areas of the website such as sales headlines and call to action buttons.

This is fundamental if you are looking to generate leads in Singapore. You want to reduce any possible elements that limits your users’ ability to navigate and take action on your landing page such as form submission or online purchases.

3. Elevated Branding

The use of white space can create a sense of elegance and sophistication, which can help to improve the overall brand image. That ultimately affects your ability to reach out to affluent audiences.

A great example would be the design layout of Apple’s retail store which we have mentioned earlier.

In the same way, white space helps to define your website experiences, creating an elevated brand experience.

Paired with strong typography and visually inspiring images, they can create positive and emotional characteristics on your product and services, potentially increasing conversion rates.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, having white spaces is a must if you are looking to have an elevated experiences for your website in Singapore.

When properly applied, they help to improve the user experience by making things easier to use.

What do you think? Is your website cluttered, I love to hear what you think.



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