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February 24, 2022

Does Google PageSpeed Insights Matters for Search Engine Optimization?

Does Google PageSpeed Insights Matter in SEO Search Engine Optimisation Website Speed Loading Time Laptop

Most business owners seem to place an unhealthy amount of emphasis to attain perfect scores on Google PageSpeed Insights. Does it matters for Search Engine Optimisation?

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Reed Tan

Chief Strategist



Fast websites create satisfied customers.

And that is why Google PageSpeed Insights is an extremely useful tool for website speed optimization.

However, perhaps due to Google dominating the search engine industry, most business owners seem to place an unhealthy amount of emphasis on Google PageSpeed Insights. They are obsessed over optimizing their sites to attain perfect scores on Google PageSpeed Insights.

However, is it really worth the effort?

Google PageSpeed Doesn’t Measure the Real Loading Time of Your Website

The truth is, Google PageSpeed Insights does not account for the actual user experience.

The overall score as shown doesn’t reflect the actual loading speed of your website, i.e how many seconds it takes to load a page.

In fact, there are many websites that load under a second but don’t have a good test score on PageSpeed Insights.

So What does PageSpeed Insights Really Measure?

For a start, a website is made up of a combination of HTML code, CSS code, and JavaScript code.

When the codes and scripts of a website are not being properly optimized, the loading time increases.

Hence, web developers usually use PageSpeed Insights as a diagnostic tool to find these internal issues on the website.

User Experience vs Optimisations

So does Google PageSpeed Insights matters heavily for search engine optimisation?

No, it does not.

These PageSpeed Insights recommendations are merely guidelines to help you to optimise your website.

Instead, Google places a much higher priority in overall user experience.

While having a fast website is part of good user experience, having great content and a beautiful website design are what that resonsate with visitors.

A decently fast website helps the visitors to enter your website smoothly, while your website design and content helps them to stay engaged.

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