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September 17, 2021

5 Steps to Creating Consumer Lust

5 Steps to Creating Consumer Lust

Lust is a highly irrational emotion. With lust, consumers crave for your brand, more than what you are offering. Their needs go far beyond the specifications of your products. So how do we stir desire in consumers?

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Reed Tan

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Lust is a highly irrational emotion.

It is an octane that eats us and leaves us starving, influencing us to make decisions without any reason and logic involved.

Through great branding and specially designed experiences, you can transform your brand into a desirable symbol. Consumers will crave for your brand, far beyond the specifications of your products.

So how do we stir desire in consumers?

How to Create Consumers Lust

  1. Be Attractive
  2. Elevating Romance
  3. Delaying the Topic of Sales
  4. Invoking Sexual Tension
  5. Keeping the Spark Alive

1. Be Attractive

Lust starts with romance.

Romance starts with relationship.

And to get into a relationship, we need to be first attractive in the eyes of the consumer, so we can make them fall in love with us at the first sight.

There are mainly two types of attractiveness, namely inner beauty and outer beauty.

Inner beauty refers to your brand personality.

Is your brand fun and interesting? Is your brand a great conversationalist? How does your brand relate to your consumers?

Outer beauty refers to your brand aesthetics.

Do you have a great website design that impresses your visitors and tells your story? Are your products and services well designed? Do they offer a great customer experience?

2. Elevating Romance

The bait is set.

Consumers start to feel attachment towards our brand.

Brands need to start courting consumers by connecting with them emotionally.

Storytelling is a great way to form that emotional bond with your consumers and push their desires beyond the need of the product

The brand story has to be something genuine and authentic.

For instance, does your brand support an inspiring vision that your consumers are passionate about?

Telsa gave a whole new meaningful purpose to own a Telsa EV.

By positioning its customers as early adopters of electric vehicles, it created a heroic persona in audiences who cared about the environment especially tech enthusiasts. Through storytelling, the desire to own a Telsa goes far beyond its specifications of its product.

3. Delaying the Topic of Sales

Bringing sales prematurely in the equation kills romance.

We need to first make consumers to feel comfortable within the relationship.

That we are here for a long-lasting relationship.

We are not here to do sales for a one ‘night’.

4. Invoking Sexual Tension

Invoking sexual tension is in the art of setting a premise.

People love to buy but they hate to be sold.

By setting up the premise, we balance the power dynamics in the relationship between brands and consumers.

For instance, luxury brands don’t hard sell or push their products in your face. They positioned their brand in a way that you are the one who is queuing in their shops to get the that limited edition of that particular product.

It’s an illusion of choice and power.

Through various psychological marketing techniques such as scarcity marketing and pricing strategies, you can create aphrodisiac for brands to build up that sexual tension, balancing with the right amount of sexual frustration paired with excitement.

5. Keeping the Spark Alive

Consumers need to feel loved throughout the entirety of the relationship.

One great way to spice up consumer engagement is through content marketing.

Consumers love to be educated, especially when they have doubts on the general product or service. By empowering them with knowledge that can help them in decision-making, they will have a deeper connection with the brand.

On top of that, your customers would be more inclined to trust you if they consider you as an expert in your industry.

What do you think? Share your tips with us in the comment section below.



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