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3 Things You Should Do before Engaging a Digital Marketing Agency

By Reed Tan | February 1, 2020

Before we start to look into the capabilities and competencies of a digital marketing agency, here are 3 crucial things you should look into before engaging to fully reap the benefits.

5 Fundamentals of a Successful Business Website

By Reed Tan | June 28, 2019

Without a doubt, the first step to re-branding is a revamp of your business website. A mobile friendly website that is responsiveness is important, but what are the core elements you should be considering to elevate your brand and generate business leads?

5 Reasons why Coworking is Perfect for SMEs in Singapore

By Reed Tan | June 6, 2019

Coworking has grown into a global phenomenon. More than 5 million professionals will be working in coworking spaces globally by 2022. What’s the appeal of coworking for SMEs?

3 Things You Should Do to Improve your Digital Ads

By Reed Tan | June 6, 2019

It is easy to produce a simple digital ad campaign today. But if everyone knows how to do ads online, how are you going to make sure your ad stands out among the rest?

How to Bait your Audience with Content Marketing

By Reed Tan | June 3, 2019

Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, he will come back to your website to buy hooks, baits and fishing rods for life.

Misconceptions of Facebook Marketing

By eric | May 29, 2019

When comes to Facebook marketing strategy, many business owners have a misconception of playing a game of ‘likes’. The truth is having more ‘likes’ does not necessarily translate to a strong brand that generate more sales to your business.

How to Build a WordPress Website, Step by Step

By Reed Tan | August 4, 2018

More than 30% of the websites in the world are powered by WordPress. Contrary to popular belief, it is actually not difficult to learn how to build your own WordPress website. In fact, you will only need 15 minutes to set up your wordpress website.