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September 19, 2022

What Makes a Beautiful Website Design in Singapore?

What Makes a Beautiful Website Design White Space Featured

If you are looking for website design services in Singapore, here are 3 elements to set the stage right for a beautiful website design.

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Reed Tan

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Regardless the type of business you run, the aesthetic design of your website is integral to its overall user experience.

In fact, many businesses find themselves struggling with their identity.

If you are looking for website design services in Singapore, here are 3 elements to set the stage right for a beautiful website design.

3 Elements of a Beautiful Website Design in Singapore

  1. Low Visual Complexity
  2. High Prototypicality
  3. Visual Storytelling

1. Low Visual Complexity

Have you ever visited an Apple retail store in Singapore?

The retail stores emphasizes on elegance and visual simplicity that makes the shopping experience more harmonious and inviting.

However, do you know there is also an underlying element of visual complexity that is carefully incorporated into the store design via wide layouts so to create that welcoming ambience for customers?

In the context of website design, visual complexity represents the concentration of visual elements used in a website’s layout, such as headlines, body text, and images.

A recent research by Google’s UX team discovered that visitors prefer websites with low visual complexity. Having excessive visual complexity can lead to a higher cognitive load for visitors, making it more difficult for them to find the information they need on the website.

In addition, having a website with well designed spaces allows the design to breathe.

That is why the best web design agencies in Singapore focus on reducing visual complexity within your website, the design elements of the website becomes more pronounced, creating a much more memorable experience for website visitors.

2. High Prototypicality

There are generally two types of prototypicality.

  1. Brand Prototypicality
  2. User Interface Prototypicality

Brand Prototypicality

Brand Prototypicality is a measure of how symbolic the design is to the overall brand experience.

It is the overall combination of design elements that allows people to relate with your brand.

Having a high design prototypicality is important to website designs especially in Singapore because consumers today are exposed to numerous amount of brands everyday. They need to recognize your brand through your design easily.

And that is why color combinations and font pairing are extremely important in UX and UI designs. You will want to limit the number of colors and font typography so overall experience is clean, recognizable and digestible for website visitors.

User Interface Prototypicality

User interface prototypicality refers to the user awareness of the design interface based on their expectations.

In short, it measures how comfortable and familiar the visitor is to website design that impact their ability to navigate the website well.

Low prototypicality can lead to confusion and frustration for users. No matter how beautifully a website is designed, if users struggle to navigate the website, it will lead to a negative user experience and decreased user engagement.

3. Visual Storytelling

Consumers today drink visual content for breakfast. Up to 70% of websites today consists of images and videos.

However, it’s not just about having pretty images. You need to deliver your content in a engaging and memorable manner so visitors are enticed to find out more.

That is why visual storytelling is a great way to sell a concept because it evokes emotions in consumers. It helps by breaking down complex concepts into more digestible content so visitors can find it easier to understand and be convinced.

That said, the marketing copy and visual creatives have to go hand in hand to deliver a holistic experience.

Most importantly, you can strengthen your brand identity if visual storytelling is done right. By using consistent visual creatives, marketing copy and colors, you can create a relatable brand that resonates with your consumers.

Key Takeaways

And that is the bare minimum expectation of how a beautiful website design should be. It should be clean, relatable and connect with your consumers. In addition, in order to have a successful website design in 2024, aesthetic appeal is not the only yardstick.

Do you have a preferred definition of how a beautiful website should look? Share with me in the comment section below.



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