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What Makes a Beautiful Website Design?

If you are looking for website design services, here are some guidelines that help you to understand what makes a beautiful website design.

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Reed Tan

Chief Strategist



September 19, 2022

Regardless the type of business you run, the aesthetic design of your website is integral to its overall user experience.

In fact, many businesses find themselves struggling with their identity.

If you are looking for website design services, here are some guidelines that help you to understand what makes a beautiful website design.

Key Takeaways

  1. Low Visual Complexity
  2. High Prototypicality
  3. Visual Storytelling

Low Visual Complexity

Have you ever realize walking into an Apple Store is a complete different experience compared to walking into other retail stores?

It is comfortable and inviting. People actually enjoy window-shopping in Apple stores.

It was investigated in an International Journal of Human-Computer Studies in 2012 that consumers are uncomfortable with high visual complexity.

That is why Apple stores incorporates the use of large, empty spaces in their stores to create a harmonious and comfortable experience that enhance consumers’s shopping experiences.

In the same way, having a website with well designed spaces allows the design to breathe.

By reducing visual complexity within your website, the design elements of the website becomes more pronounced, creating a much more memorable experience for website visitors.

High Prototypicality

Design prototypicality is a measure of how symbolic the design is to the overall experience.

It is the overall combination of design elements that allows people to relate with your brand.

In the same research as mentioned earlier, it is proven that consumers find designs with low prototypicality highly unappealing.

And that is why color combinations and font pairing are extremely important in UX and UI designs. You will want to limit the number of colors and font typography so overall experience is clean and digestible for website visitors.

Visual Storytelling

Up to 70% of websites consists of images and videos today.

Consumers today drink visual content for breakfast.

However, it’s not just about having alluring images.

Images and marketing copy have to go hand in hand in order to make sense.

And if weld properly, they can evoke unique emotions in consumers through designed storytelling.

Do you have a preferred definition of how a beautiful website should look? Share with me in the comment section below.



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