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August 10, 2022

8 Things to Consider When Planning for Website Redesign

8 Things to be Expected in a Website Design Development

A successful website design is not just about making your website pretty. Here are 8 things you should consider before you look for a website design agency.

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Reed Tan

Chief Strategist



Your website is the face of your brand.

And the main reason why most businesses want to redesign their website is because they want to elevate their brand.

By changing how consumers feel about your brand through website redesign, you can reach out to more affluent customers for your business.

But how can you ensure your website is being designed in a way to create that desired impression?

Here is a checklist of things you need to consider in order to have a successful website redesign.

8 Things to Consider for a Successful Website Revamp

  1. Visual Branding
  2. Copy-writing
  3. Landing Page Experience
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Website Speed Optimization
  6. Website Analytics and Conversion Tracking
  7. Themes and Plugin Updates
  8. Maintenance Support

1. Visual Branding

Videos, images and animations are crucial in storytelling as they paint a picture how consumers view your brand.

Since more than 70% of a website consists of images and video, the choice of your visual content dictates the direction of your branding.

Most tight-budgeted businesses prefer commercially free stock images, or paid stock images from the likes from ShuttleStock and iStock.

However, if you have more budget to work with, you will be able to craft visual content that resonate with your story by engaging a custom photo shoot.

2. Copy-writing

If images and videos are what that grab the attention of your website visitors, your copy is what that convince them.

Copy allows you to communicate with your visitors, building a deeper communication with them.

Many businesses made a mistake of overselling or becoming extremely salesy when comes to writing copy for their site.

It cheapen their brand, allowing visitors to focus more on the product rather than the brand which eventually leads to price comparison.

That is why it is important that you need to make sure your web design agency is well versed in various marketing mechanics which include brand positioning and copy-writing.

3. Landing Page Experience

Having a great landing page experience is essential for lead generation.

If you are running Google Ads or Facebook ad campaigns, every advertising dollar is going to leak massively when you have a poor landing page experience.

Even if you are not running any campaign, your conversion rate is going to be heavily impacted.

Your landing page needs to at least connect with your audience, identify their pain points and solve their problems through your products and services.

4. Search Engine Optimisation

No one remembers who’s the second man to land on the moon.

If Google Ads is akin to buying bottled water for your business, search engine optimisation (SEO) is akin to building a long term pipeline for your business.

There are several parts to a successful SEO implementation. At the very least, your website needs to be first optimised for SEO, before investing in a long term content marketing strategy.

That is why it is important that your website design agency needs to be well-versed in technical SEO.

5. Website Speed Optimisation

Do you know 40% of your visitors will abandon your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load?

That is why website speed is essential for good user experience, no matter how beautifully your website is designed. 

It is not just about having a fast website. A website can be instantaneously fast with no images, videos and functionalities.

It is about building and managing a decently fast website with lots of functionalities and high resolution images.

6. Website Analytics and Conversion Tracking

If you don’t understand numbers, you don’t understand your business.

You need to understand the journey of your visitors. On the most basic level, you want to know how they manage to find your website, what device are they on and where are they dropping off.

Setting up Google Analytics within the website is basic.

What you may also want to set up are heatmaps and custom conversion tracking.

Heatmaps allows you to monitor users’ scrolling experience while conversion tracking allows you to track the source of your leads especially you are running lead generation campaigns.

7. Themes and Plugin Updates

It is important for your website to be future proof.

You certainly don’t want your website to be revamped every few years.

While there are many free plugins available when comes to website development, some of the better ones requires annual subscription fees such as themes, security and caching updates.

And if your updates requires annual subscription that you are not aware of, your website may not be properly updated, leading to website insecurities.

Your website design agency can also set up additional security parameters to further secure your website.

8. Maintenance Support

The problem is, things happen.

Sometimes, you may have accidentally deleted something core to your website. Sometimes, your website gets DDoS attacks from unscrupulous competitors. Sometimes, there are some automatic updates that affect your website.

And when your website is down, you lose revenue.

Your ad campaigns are delivering paid traffic to a non-existent website, your customers are unable to make payment or submit leads and it sends a negative message to your stakeholders.

The gist is, you need a local reputable website design agency to be always there as an insurance.

And if the development work is outsourced by the agency, chances are the outsourced developer may not be in time to save your business.

Website Affects your Online Business Reputation

We hope you find these tips useful, and if you need any help, do feel free to check out our website design services.



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