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Terms & Conditions

updated 2nd Jan 2021

The mentioned invoice is created by Reed Tan Digital (“Agency”) specifically for (“Client”). The services outlined are for the fulfilment of Client only.

1. Guarantee

The Agency guarantees that all services indicated herein will be provided in the most professional and efficient manner. 

2. Third party Costs

Please note that payment for 3rd party fees such as web hosting, premium plugins, photography/videography or editing services are not included unless stated so.

3. SEO Implementation

The website will be optimized for SEO. However, in order to rank well on Google search first page, an ongoing effort of SEO implementation via content articles is required and this fee is not included in the project.

4. Design Phase

The Agency will provide the Client with an opportunity to review the appearance and content of the website during the design phase. However, if there is a significant change of design during the commencement of the development, additional fees for consulting and development hours may be apply.

5. Warranty

A period of 6 months warranty will be provided after the completion of the development. Please note that warranty does not cover defects due to unauthorised alteration to the core files of the website.

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