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Lead Generation Services in Singapore

We Build Traffic, Leads and Sales for Your Business

Reed Tan Digital is a leading digital marketing agency that provides lead generation services in Singapore. We specialize in generating high quality leads through Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization and Funnel Optimization.

Increase Demand-Driven Traffic

Generate Real Leads that Converts

Deliver Results that are Trackable

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Lead Generation

A Team of Experienced Battle Tested Marketers

It is important to work marketeers who have real field experiences. If you have been spending on digital ads from your own wallet, you will know what works realistically and what doesn't.

S$750,000 Spent

in ad campaigns for our clients

than 15 years

of experiences in digital advertising


from our clients

Our Multi-Pronged Strategy

We do the heavy lifting, you focus on the core of your business.

Google Ads

Sick of cold, unqualified leads? We drive highly effective lead generation campaigns via Google Ads to generate highly convertible leads.

Search Engine

No one remembers who's the second man to land on the moon. Reclaim your website traffic by getting it ranked on the first page on Google.


Stop bottle-necking your business. We sit down with you, understand your customer needs and optimize your funnel to maximize your conversion rates.

Why Cost Per Lead is an Overrated Metric for Business

With a myopic understanding of their business, many business owners prefer a lower cost per lead so they can generate as many leads as possible based on their limited budget.

After all, more leads equal to more sales, right? Not necessary.

Singapore's Trusted
Lead Generation Agency

When our clients do well, we do well.

Tracking Reports

We build custom analytical reports so you can track your conversions yourself.

Conversion Rates

We analyze your landing pages and improve your conversion rates by at least 30%.


We walk the talk. A full refund of our management fees if we dont deliver at all.*

Lead Generation Services Singapore Reed Tan Digital-Cacao-Ceremony-Singapore

Case Story: The Inside Job

The Inside Job is a newly established company in Singapore, offering cacao ceremonies and sound baths to help stressed souls to connect, reflect and relax. Through a series of designed sound, movement and exercises, it fosters connection and a heart awakening relaxation sound bath.

After 6 months of implementation with a series of content articles, The Inside Job increased its traffic by 400% and is on Google's first page today when you search keywords relating to 'Cacao Ceremony Singapore'.

Search results on Google

Stop Burning Your Ad Budget!

Stop throwing your ad budget into campaigns that doesn't work. Speak to us today so we can fine-tune your lead generation strategy and maximize your conversion rates.